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I want to thank you for all you did for me. I will always be grateful for your patience and kindness!! Also, would you please tell Rick the job he does for people is amazing and I know without him being in the kind of work he does, I would not have my truck today…

S. Robinson, Nevada

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We are an investigative company that has been specializing in the recovery of commercial & private property for over 20 years. We started off in the fugitive recovery service, hunting down the worst of the worst on the face of this earth: Murderers, drug dealers, and people who commit crimes against children. We then incorporated our property recovery division because basically it is the same premise—you are hunting down a person but in this case, you are securing the property instead of securing the person.

We have 12 In-house investigators, all of whom have a background in law enforcement and/or fraud investigations. They have years of experience tracking down people that have every reason not to get caught, so tracking down property is usually not quite as difficult. In addition to our in house investigators, we have over 3500 recovery agents across the United States and around the world with very specific skill sets that can be deployed at any time. Our utilization of the most effective investigative techniques, most current technology, and the latest and greatest equipment allows for the quick retrieval of any type of property. We truly can recover everything from Harley Davidson’s to 747’s and everything in-between.
We recover thousands of pieces of property each year, and offer our NO RECOVERY NO FEE, NO IFS NO ANDS NO BUTS iron clad guarantee to every case we take on. If we don’t recover your property, you don’t owe us a penny!!!’s experienced investigators and agents can quickly recover your property when all other means have been exhausted. Our staff will work to find the location of your property, work out a recovery plan, and return the property to you.

In addition to recovery services, we offer liquidation services, we are members of Manheim and Adesa Auto Auctions, and we have a Nationwide Bar Certified Legal Dept. to collect your contract deficiencies and recovery fee’s you spend to repossess property. This is offered at no upfront cost to you. is truly a one stop shop for recovery, liquidation, and collections!!!

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