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Do you have information on an asset car, truck, RV boat, motorcycle, aircraft, construction equipment, anything of value out for repossession? If so you are entitled to a CASH REWARD. Putting our global reach and presence to work for our thousands of clients worldwide, we gather intelligence from a myriad of resources including good citizens like you, confidential informants. To show our ongoing appreciation we offer up to a MILLION DOLLAR REWARD for information leading to the recovery of property or apprehension of a fugitive. We understand that anonymity, remaining anonymous, is important to our confidential informants we guarantee your identity will never be released under any circumstances, our reputation depends on it. Contact an investigator today and get paid cash in less than 2 hours in some cases.


Ask about becoming a spotter, we need people who can covertly and inconspicuously drive or use a UAV by locations provided by our investigators in a team effort to “put eyes on” our targets cars, trucks, boats, RV’s, motorcycles. Once spotted you take a photo, park in a safe location, preferably where you can keep “eyes on” the target, text or email the pic to the investigator assigned to the case and within minutes our field agents will be in contact, secure the unit, within minutes we will load your cash debit card up with MONEY each case pays a minimum of $50.00 to $1000.00.

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