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I want to thank you for all you did for me. I will always be grateful for your patience and kindness!! Also, would you please tell Rick the job he does for people is amazing and I know without him being in the kind of work he does, I would not have my truck today…

S. Robinson, Nevada

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Our primary objective remains using innovative strategies, skilled investigators, and a wealth of resources. We offer recovery coverage of the United States, Mexico and Canada and anyplace in the world. Our vast network of resources includes ex-law enforcement personnel, and experienced investigators in fraud investigation. We have a network of field agents with very specific skill sets that can be deployed at any time. These extensive resources allow us to locate and retrieve property effectively and efficiently for our clients anywhere anytime. Our utilization of the latest investigative techniques, state of the art communications technology, and equipment allows us to effect quick retrieval of any type of property. We use state of the art technology such as LPR (License Plate Recognition)Cameras, RDN (Recovery Database Network) and MRS (My Recovery System). We also have proprietary and non-proprietary data bases that allow access to information that other agencies do not have. We are able to retrieve property for our clients that many other agencies simply cannot.

We specialize in the hard core “skip”. The individuals who use every tactic available to deprive you of your property. We have been in the fugitive recovery business for 20 years. Tracking down the worst of the worst criminals. We have been in the property recovery field for 15 years. We have recovered an M1 Abrams Tank Transporter, a 747, yachts and exotic cars. We have tracked down cars from drug dealers in Mexico, the Russian mafia and numerous criminal rings. We have extensive tactic expertise. We have recovered property thought unimaginable, such as a crematorium oven. If you want property back, we will retrieve it.

No company has the skills and experience to apply to recovery. Our recovery techniques and capabilities are unmatched. Let us work for you.

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